"Zero Market", which has already become a bestseller in the "electro" section of Juno's shop, was released on May 11th by a London label and consists of three melodic acid, electro tracks with Etienne remix on "Noctivagant". According to the producer, the release was quite personal, because creative decisions were made while writing the tracks, which are closely connected to his memories.

"Silver Needle, Golden Pain is a paraphrase of one of the tracks of the Belgian post-metal band Amenra, which had a big impact on me when I played this kind of music. The original title of the song from which I took the title sample is "Silver needle, Golden nail". For some reason, my brain always changed that name to "Silver Needle, Golden Pain"."

"Noctivagant brings me back to about the same metal time. "I had a dream, which was not all a dream" is the first line of Byron's verse "Darkness", which was also the lyrics to one of the songs of my former band Rings Of Rhea".

"This track is a reference to a song by Ukrainian musician Скрябiн from my favorite album "Мова Риб". The track is primarily associated with my friend Dima Tsey. He showed me this album during the break between creating back to back at my house. He painted a picture, and I wrote music. The skeleton of the track "Horyi Spokiy" was written the same day."

"At the time EYA Records was releasing just various artists EPs, but after zolaa. send me the tracks i decided that could be space on the label for solo releases, perhaps with a remix from an artist we both  love and respect.

Those 3 tracks were selected from the first bunch of demos Dima submitted to me. I’ve choose them cos they incorporate all the elements i enjoy in electronic music such as acid lines, slamming drums, atmospheric pads, complex textures and subtle and drifting vocals sample. Last summer i then asked Etienne if he would like to remix one of tracks and he picked "Noctivagant"! EYA 009 was born!

I am extremely proud of this EP! Working with such talented and down to earth people is an absolutely pleasure! Using music as medium to connect with like minded people and artists its one of the best benefit of running a record label.

For the label this is huge step forward, many Djs are supporting the EP and its been a best-seller since released, " added EYA boss, Giuseppe Venditti.

"Zero Market" EP is available in Phonica, Juno, Deejay.de and Redeye stores.