Quite a personal record by Guillermo Berbayer, aka Zampa, whose mystical language creates sharp and exciting tension, takes its cold tone from the personal loss and the tough times of a musician from Mexico. In "Empatía", the musician turned to different elements of abstract and experimental electronics, sometimes diluted with lengthy keyboards or dynamic drums, resulting in 11 cinematic deep tracks. Guillermo says that the new full-length is imbued with ideas of struggle for survival and loss of loved ones.

"After my dad past away and a really sad breakup I was in a really bad emotional state, really close to the darkside. It was in that point when I started making the sketches of "Empatía" for a while it was the only therapy that work allowing me to keep enough control so i could keep living.

The name of "Empatía"(empathy) came after a long walk in Melbourne where I realized that we will never be fully understood and that we will never understand the struggles of others but the only tool we have to try it is empathy," wrote Zampa.

Most of the sketches for the album were created during the musician's trip to Japan, after which he turned to the producer Rafael Durand, who helped to shape these ideas. Some percussion parts of the release were recorded by drummer Samuel Mendoza. In the process of recording, Guillermo also used many field recordings recorded on his phone while traveling, such as birds singing, the sound of ice cream machines, construction sounds.

"Some weird shit happened during the process of making “Temblores” (earthquakes) the first time we open the session around September 2017 an earthquake occurred, so we left the building. Later we went back upstairs, open the session and again another quake, so we left it for that day. Then i left Mexico for a year. In 2019 we reopened the session and couple of minutes after another quake that time we check if everything was fine. We continued and the last time it happened was at the beginning of 2020 around February while we were listening the masters with some friends .... again another earthquake so you can guess now where the name of the song comes.... so be careful now that you know."

Zampa is a solo project by Guillermo Berbeyer from Mexico City, inspired by the ambient, noise, avant-garde, combined with melodic guitars, piano and abstract textures. In 2014 he released his debut album "Zampa​-​Tezta", followed by a recording as Simone and a "60​+​2" release with Paulina Olea and Bernardo Pérez.

The "Empatía" album is available on Bandcamp.