The duo describes EP "Pursuit" as an erotic tale of two people pursuing each other. Inviting Zoya Zerkalski, aka Dasha Redkina, to remake the track of Konglomerat's first cassette release, the artists came to the conclusion that they are following the spirit of the new label, which aims to bring something new to light through collaborations of different artists.

"It's never really sure who’s following whom and who else is watching… You can also interpret the lyrics in a more abstract way, as a social critic. Overall we can say every sound we make is highly inspired by and is also reflecting our perception of the environment," Seven Sisters wrote about the release.

Seven Sisters — duo from Hamburg / Berlin channelling their love and hate relationship with dance music into more abstract shapes and forms, resulting in sonically rich experiments reminiscent of abstract painting and post-wave minded travels down the rabbit hole.

Existing within their own self contained musical universe, their diverse output ranges from intricate crystalline sound design sculptures to droning, brooding synthscapes and industrial leaning arrangements, over to raw, crackling electronics sprinkled with loose, but hard hitting grooves.

Last year Seven Sisters contributed track "Sept Sept Sept" to the Lustpoderosa label's compilation "Resist Entropy". EP "Pursuit" will be their first solo release.



1.The Pursuit
2.The Pursuit (N.Y.N Dub)
3.The Pursuit (Zoya Zerkalski Surveillance Porn Remix)

EP "Pursuit" comes out today, May 27th, and available for purchase on Bandcamp. And tomorrow Seven Sisters will present new material as part of an online stream "Real II Reel" organized by arkaoda Berlin.