An independent cassette label from Warsaw specializing in experimental electronic, electroacoustic and dance music has issued three releases from Polish musicians Qba Janicki & Obsequies, Bartek Kujawski and Aleksandra Słyż.

"Autolysis" by Obsequies and Qba Janicki is a brilliant combination of digital manipulation, sound sculpting and processed percussion. The release was created through improvisation and hardened into an album using advanced arrangement and production techniques. Artists seek to build a world of structures that change unpredictably and explode with each breath. They describe their collaboration as "an electroacoustic sound organism that consumes its flesh for self-regeneration".


"When I first invited Obsequies to collaborate as a part of artist in residence program by Avant Art Foundation, I never expected that we where going to come this far. I just thought it's going to be a one time, improvised session and the reason I wanted to meet him, was that his debut EP "Organn” had a solid impact on the way I play my instruments at this time. For Obsequies it was the first time he improvised and performed with another person. For me it was a meeting with a genius of production and sound design, that I could introduce to the world of improvisation and musical spontaneousness. The exchange of energy, techniques and experiences was very active, which lead us to organise next meetings. On those meetings we experimented with recording everything that came across our hands and exchanged mutual interests in art, music and ideological views. The album was recorded mostly with the use of piezo amplified drums and percussion, processed by analogue electronics, as well as lots of different patches on Obsequies’ computer, a piano and guitar. Finally, as the perfectionist he is, Obsequies gathered all this material and transformed it into a grand piece of music, while consulting things with me over the internet. The moment I’ve listened to the first version, I knew that it is just the beginning of a big artistic adventure, which is still ahead of us," wrote Qba Janicki about the collaboration.

Next entry from Bartek Kujawski, who combines acoustic and electronic sounds for his postmodern sound sculpture "Psychomachia". A deep immersion into his own psyche full of violent twists, noisy flashes and deafening silence, as well as moments of total vulnerability. Separate sounds and instruments were recorded in many unusual places, including the Wiaczyń nature reserve, an abandoned canal in Łódź, a wooden outhouse in the village of Strzałki, among others.

The music of the latest Bartek Kujawski recordings often uses sounds, solutions and contexts from dance electronics, so Kujawski is often compared to performers such as Oneohtrix Point Never, Arca or Holly Herndon. It is experimental music with club aesthetics at its core, filtered out by the musicians quirky mind.

"This release resembles scraps of life recorded on the soundtrack of an imaginary computer game. It's a record of the struggle which modern human being / listener / player performs to unravel the chaotic structure of the world and his own mind. Unfortunately, the wrong path he takes on this recording pushes him deeper and deeper into the all-encompassing structure of evil. The only possible way to win would be to get rid of his own egoism and enter into an ever closer communion with the people around him, but choosing a path along the corpses to his own separate happiness and closing in his own emotions leads him to hell, the ultimate break of ties with everything that surrounds him," Bartek Kujawski describes "Psychomachia".

The third premiere is "Human Glory", the debut album of Aleksandra Słyż, an artist looking for connections between the human body, sound and technology. Her recording is clearly divided into two modes of action. One part of the release was created by transforming motion into sound through motion sensors into multi-faceted, chaotic structures, while the other part consists of majestic, saturated synth drone tracks.

"Well, it’s probably a common practice among young artists, but I really wanted just to express all of my previous experience gained so far in the artistic work. I’m also very fascinated both by the newest technology connected with the interactivity and by the possibilities which human body gives us to control or influence on the sound. Those things are the basis structure of this album,"added Aleksandra Słyż.

Founded in Warsaw in 2015 by Justyna Banaszczyk (FOQL) and Darek Pietraszewski (aka VJ Copy Corp), Pointless Geometry is one of the most interesting labels showcasing Polish electronic musicians. Over the last five years, the imprint catalogue has been expanded with 36 releases from such artists as WIDT, Mchy i Porosty, Jakub Lemiszewski, FOQL, Fischerle, Jakub Gliński, Muka and many others. All entries are accompanied by a carefully designed graphic design prepared by the most interesting Polish artists such as Stachu Szumski, Sandra Sygur and Tomek Popakul.

All three releases are available on the Bandcamp.