"Fin Du Monde Et Autres Réalités" ("The End of the World and Other Realities"), which will be released on May 22 on the Odessa imprint, Jean calls the experimental sound reflection of our era, its contradictions and the end, with the hope that the destruction will be followed by a rebirth.

The release tracks are composed by mixing synthesis and field-recordings with sound deterioration processes (digital buffering, re-amplification), overlays of the same sound frequencies, and disorienting surrounding effects; in order to compose raw, noisy and industrial post-civilization soundscapes. The mastering of the album was done by Jean's friend from Montreal, ROOM, who gave the sound a special shade of something between Throbbing Gristle, Luciano Berrio and Luc Ferrari. The musicians tried to create something that was both raw and powerful, but also very fragile. The artwork for the release was created by Jade Halloin.

«I started working on this album 2 years ago. It was an important transitory moment of my life: I had just got back from a solo trip to Cuba and I was about to move back to France after spending a very intense year in Montréal. I was living there with some amazing musicians and friends in a place called “Big Blue”, where we used to invite several artists to perform. I was really taken aback and confused about the idea of my departure, but before moving back to France, my housemates said to me « Jean, we have to throw a very special last show before you leave ». It’s from this very special last show that I recorded the raw material of what would become this album. It’s made on a moment of rupture, on a vanishing point, on a line of flight.

But as Gilles Deleuze said, lines of flight are not lines which consist in fleeing. It’s on lines of flight that we create because it’s on lines of flight that we no longer have any certainty. It is only now that I am back in Montréal that I have been able to finish this album, so it’s somehow related to the emotions that I have been experiencing in this city,» Jean explains.

The release of the album is scheduled for May 22, as this is the date of the new moon, the first phase of the moon when it and the Sun have the same ecliptic longitude.

«My friends call me “Jean de la Lune” which means Jean “from the moon”, probably because of who I am, but also because of an incredible picture book from Tomi Ungerer (who died last year) that I used to love. This book “Jean de la Lune” is about the poetic story of someone living on the moon who once wanted to discover what is happening on the earth and who is living there.

New moons happen each month, and they signify renewal in different religions and cultures, but they also create a special pressure on the earth which often creates geological and hydrological events. As it’s the first album release with my real name on it, I wanted to make this as a kind of little tribute to the moon,» he adds.

Together with the album Jean presented the video for "Fin Du Monde Et Autres Réalités":

Jean Grünewald, originating from both France and Italy, is today based on Tiohtià:ke territory (Montréal, Canada). He studies and researches in technological arts at the University of Montréal.

His work as an experimental sound artist and performer/producer of electronic music is anchored in a dystopian color, related, according to him, to questions of an era in the search for benchmarks.His creation is strongly influenced by an understanding of the listening context as a vehicle for shared experiences, as well as by the intimate relationship that we create with what we hear.

Grünewald's productions under his ottoman.grüw project have been released on independent record labels in France, Germany, Holland, Italy, and Russia; oscillating between harsh and more polished nuances of underground dance music. “Fin Du Monde Et Autres Réalités” is Jean Grünewald first release under his real name.

The "Fin Du Monde Et Autres Réalités" album will be released on May 22nd and is available for pre-order on Bandcamp.