In second EP "Everyone Knows Malcolm Is Full Of Shit", the franco-scottish producer combines his cinematic and heavy bass sound with the energy of punk and drum & bass, and dark techno atmosphere, mixing all the influences into a breathtaking blend.

After his debut "Baptem", released by Biologic in March this year, Malcom declares his love for rich and contrastful electronic sounds, heavy ethnic rhythms and ethereal atmospheres. The four new tracks explore different tempos and moods, but always psychedelic and brutal, with a sense of deep diving.


"I founded my label Global Warming before I started producing, and that’s here that I made my very first remix on a Fred Berthet EP. I actually wasn’t interested in making an EP before last year, when Abstraxion proposed me to do something on his label Biologic, that became Baptem, my first release out last march. After its release I had a clearer idea of what I wanted to do and share as producer, and knew that the second had to be on my own label, and here we are," wrote Malcolm about working on EP.

Malcolm also invited Lyon producer Gil.Barte (aka Markus Gibb, founder of Kump Records), who brought his vision to the "Final Boss", as well as Aquarian, who created an interpretation in the mutant jungle of the final track.

"Even tho I DJ a lot (I mean, used to, you know) I don’t feel like I’m doing club-friendly music. It could work on festival eventually, but I think my ideal setup to listen to this EP would be or on your way to rob a bank," he added.

"Everyone Knows Malcolm Is Full Of Shit" is the 13th issue of Global Warming and follows releases from producers such as N-ERGY, Ouai Stéphane, Sordid Sound System & Sutja Gutiérrez, Jon Beige.

The cover art and merch for the release were designed by Manchester studio DR + ME, which has partnered with Malcolm since his early projects.


1.Everyone Knows Malcolm Is Full Of Shit
2.Final Boss (ft Gil.Barte)
4.Everyone Knows Malcolm Is Full Of Shit (Aquarian Remix)

EP "Everyone Knows Malcolm Is Full Of Shit" is out on November 27 and available for pre-order on Bandcamp.