Karen y Los Remedios is the voice of Ana Karen Barajas, an artist and art researcher, and the music of jiony, a producer from Mexico City. Of all the years they have been collaborating together, a better way to express their misfortunes has not been found as in this new project in which they put together сumbia and downtempo. The first release with this sound was “Plexo Lunar” which came out in 2019.

"We have been working through a lot of years together making collaborations. However, when we started the project of “Karen y Los Remedios”, the idea of making music with Latin roots, especially cumbia was the main goal. After the pandemic started and our plans were changing we wanted to do something more nostalgic somehow, also to explore new rhythms more similar to the things we made before," wrote the duo.


Their new EP consists of two slow-moving tracks, inextricably linked by the idea of a deep connection for someone that enlightens you and is not conventional love. "Recuerdos de Expiación" is about connecting with yourself and the people around you. The artists use a musical language that overlays layers of their shared practice and experience to transform Latin rhythms, contrasting sound palettes and alluring vocals into two expressive, spatial compositions shimmering with different moods.

jiony is a co-founder of VAA, an electronic music label based in Mexico City. From Nu-Jazz to Techno, to Trip-Hop, Funk, and hints of Latin music, jiony offers one of the most unique and identifiable sounds on the Downtempo scene. For more than ten years he has opted for slow music on and off the dance floor, shared the stage with producers such as Nicola Cruz, El Búho, Matanza, and Nicolas Jaar.

Ana Karen G Barajas is a graphic designer, artist, photographer, art researcher, and musician. She is currently a Ph.D. student in the research group of “Arts Therapy and Alternative approaches in human services” where she studies creative processes through qualitative and computer science tools focusing on art made by people under the Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Schizophrenic Spectrum Disorder. She enjoys exploring different media and connecting different disciplines. In music, she has been part of projects of folk music, opera, and gamelan.

"Recuerdos de Expiación" is out on VAA and available on the label's Bandcamp.