Following the releases on Syntetyk and shtum, the Krakow-based artist's new recording is a compilation of four electro/EBM tracks that have been recorded over the past five years and form a single story. As the musician says, this EP is a cut of what came before and what still turns him on.

The title piece of the release, "Autostrada", is an electro-track, which is a reflection of the classic sound of Detroit and rave, processed with the signature touch of Chino. In "Dyscyplina", most samples for which come from some Polish new wave/punk bootleg tapes, the producer turns to a wave/EBM approach. "Carabo Cruise" is an interpretation of Italo disco anthems, as well as a tribute to the "mighty Italians that changed the electronic music in the 70s/80s". And closes EP track "Alwernia" — the most cinematic work of the release, inspired by the dark sci-fi movies. "If Tarkowski met a bunch of 24-Hour-Party-Robots, this could be the soundtrack," according to the label.

The name "Autostrada" originated before the idea for an EP at Uncanny Valley. In this case, "Autostrada" refers to the A4 highway, which is an integral part of the life of a musician who drives along this road several times a week. It's a main line between Kraków, Katowice, Dresden, where the Uncanny Valley home base is located, and Saxony.

"I would say that the spectrum of feelings is completely full when I'm thinking about this road. Starting with total excitement when it comes to travelling to Eastern Germany, visiting friends, playing so many great gigs in Dresden, Leipzig and Olganitz or Berlin. Also lots of really fun car trips with friends happened on this highway. It's also super nice to come back from Katowice to Kraków after work.

But A4 also has a lot of dark sides in my opinion. It makes me super angry when I'm thinking that it's a perfect picture of some not very honest political games that happened in the 90's in Poland, and now the condition and the price of the road is just an echo of these tricks,"Chino wrote.

The title of the release is also a reference to Kraftwerk's "Autobahn" album, which in the musician's opinion was an important milestone for contemporary music.

"I feel that Kraftwerk's picture of Autobahn was quite positive and even glorified the idea of this kind of fast way. Mine is maybe a bit wider and besides the futuristic vision tells also about the negatives of the issue, but also about things that changed since 1974."

The cover created by Chino is also inspired by the original artwork of the Kraftwerk album. The main idea of the musician was to translate it into his own graphic language, marking the special places for him: Alvernia Studios in Alwernia right before Kraków, gas station in Wrocław designed by the German architect Friedrich Tamms, passage for animals over the highway, the place that planes are landing over the road in Balice.

Chino is a resident of the Unsound festival, who is not only a musician, but also a talented graphic designer, who lectures at Katowice Art Academy. After his debut in 2013 on the S1 Warsaw imprint, the artist's works were released on such labels as Recognition, Holger, shtum and Syntetyk.

EP "Autostrada" is available on the Uncanny Valley.